2017 “Earth navigators” Festival – The Return (June 12-18)

June 17, 2017  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Activities

logo dell'edizione 2017 del Festival dei Navigatori di Terra

from 12 to 18 June 2017

2017 “Earth navigators” Festival – The Return

This edition was also rich in emotions, an engaging and growing sharing of dreams made and pursued …

The most beautiful thing is to review many friends and discover new ones, with the ability to talk to people from whom it is always possible to learn some trick, some new itineraries, some solutions to the difficulties a Navigator always encounters in spinning around the World.

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Following, the presentation of the organizer Italo Barazzutti:

“Unique in content and even more in spirit, the Festival IS NOT A MOTORADUNO: the Earth’s sailor moves with any vehicle.

Far from the commonplaces, along with Italo and his friends, the intent is to share a sight of the world. Something beautiful, motivating and engaging like: travel, adventure, friendship; LIFE!

From this edition the program will be expanded and extended throughout the week. For those who want to enjoy a global experience in a fantastic Friuli Venezia Giulia, there will be available maps with predefined laps. Already from Monday, the friends of the “Ali e Patate” motorbike group will produce as day tour guides. Alpine valleys made epic from the “Giro d’Italia”; landscapes and history also in the adjacent, Austria and Slovenia.

The super-tested Trattoria “Da Gardo”, in Majano (UD), offers a great green area for your tents. Services, showers; electric current to the campers. For those who prefer a room I will propose in time the list of the remarkable local offer.

Your Italone, even more passionate and charged than you remember it, will stay on the spot ready to welcome you and turn on the evening with incredible stories.

The meritorious Simone Marchetti, absent vaguely justified during the last edition, this year will not appear just only in a photography. Presence already ensured from Thursday; to entertain you until dawn as it is in his style.

The coming and going of great Friulian friends, great travelers, will not fail.

On friday, the arrivals will be multiplied and it will be beautiful to meet eachother again.

After dinner we will officially open this edition of the Festival.

On Saturday morning still guided tours; Immediately after lunch, however, we will enter the point. We will start with “sustainable travel”, that is, just what might be the first of a long series; and then we’ll lose ourselves away in “dream trips” …

Another novelty, we will have a “GPS-course”, as well as a technical insight into how to prepare us, and prepare our bike for journey.

With Fabrizio Jelmini, a film-maker of sacred monsters such as “OVERLAND” and “DONNA AVVENTURA”, we could deepen and improve our approach to photography. Momentary pauses not at all: the formidable Anthony Basso guitar-voice will make them vibrant. Smiling and hospitable as you remember, Renzo will give us the best from the kitchen.

As always at the Festival there will be no protagonists! Only us, all together for friendship, everyone is ready to do their best to make the meeting extraordinary.

Sunday greetings and still I…

With intents and contents strongly motivating, another time the “Earth’s sailors Festival” in Majano, a kind of navel in the world where why not, to start to realize that journey … to give that ‘turn’ to our life that. .. yeah !!!

Motorcycles, cars, bicycles or camper; any vehicle is good to get there. What if he was on the train? We will organize a relay race at the station because this is the soul of the Festival!

From here to there a big hug like that world I love so much !!!

Italo Barazzutti

tel. 335 6607810



Area verde trattoria “da Gardo” – Majano (UD)

Via Divisione Julia 160

tel. 0432 959492

MAPPA: http://g.co/maps/ptesa

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