Festival 2014 “Earth sailors” (from 20th to 22nd June)

May 6, 2014  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Activities, Calendar, Press review

From 20th June to 22nd  June 2014

Festival 2014 “Earth sailors”

Together with Italo and his friends to share a glance on the world.

IT IS NOT A MOTORCYCLE MEETING AND IT HAS NOT THE SAME SPIRIT.  It is your choice whether to go by train- car- camper- motorcycle- scooter.

In a simple and informal atmosphere, the goal is to offer you some unique travel experiences, suitable for everyone, not only for motorcyclists.

Travels- adventure- friendship and brotherhood-freedom-life!

Amazing places and fantastic people to enrich this magical SPHERE within motorcycle’s reach.

The very cozy restaurant “da Gardo”, in Majano (UD), besides the great cuisine, offers an amazing green area. According to the spirit which moves us: free entry and, thanks to Mr Renzo’s kindness, the camping will require only a donation. There is a big, welcoming and beyond comparison lawn, located under the shadow and provided with a fence in order to guarantee the security of your vehicles. There are also restrooms, showers, electricity for your campers. For those who prefer a room, there is the list of the available structures attached.

Guided tours to the most spectacular places of the Friuli Venezia Giulia.

With the confidence of not deceiving you

A hug, which is as BIG as the WORLD I love so much!

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