21st, 22nd, 23rd June 2013 FESTIVAL – “Earthfarers”

June 13, 2013  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Activities

2013 FESTIVAL – Earthfarers

21st, 22nd, 23rd June from Gardo

via Divisione Julia 160, Majano (UD)

Far from common places, we would like to ask you to participate in something beautiful and involving: journeys, emotions and adventure, friendship and brotherhood, freedom, life. Incredible places and extraordinary people will enhance this magical, motorbike-friendly atmosphere.

It will not be and it is not meant to be a motorbike rally

Free entry, and free location graciously granted by our jovial friend Renzo. You will find an unparalleled large, welcoming meadow, an enclosed, shaded under canvas, area to ensure the security of your motorbikes. Plenty of bathroom and shower services.

You can come by car, caravan, motorbike, scooter or bicycle…

And if you have to come by train I guarantee someone will come at the station to pick you up. All together in friendship we will make this Festival 2013 -Earthfarers- even better

You can stay in tents or caravans, but should you prefer staying in a room, at economical prices, I promise you, this year you will not have any problems. By bringing forward our Festival we have prevented it from overlapping with “Aria di Festa”, the now internationally-known Ham Fest. I do assure you, though, that you will find plenty of the excellent ham San Daniele, and – from the related attachment – you will be able to discover what Majano and its surroundings can offer.

As usual, I am ready to put my heart in it and, certain that I won’t disappoint you, I give you a BIG hug, as big as the WORLD I love so much!

While waiting for the event, I “flash my lights at you” in greeting

Italo Barazzutti

tel. 335 6607810


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