2011: 5 Capital Cities

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Map of the route

Visualizza 5 Capitali: “Viaggiare per un Sogno: oltre le barriere” 2011 in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


• 01-05-2011

After months of preparations, any kind of problems, change of plans at the last moment, on May 1st I finally started my trip from Piazza della Borsa in Trieste.

The friends of the MaxiScooter group have beautifully planned every aspect of my passage through Slovenia, riding with me in small groups from Trieste untill the Hungarian border: it’s been a beautiful and reassuring sensation.

Beginning this Adventure, the first with the scooter-trike, by having these “Angels” on scooter that accompanied me and helped me to face and exceed my doubts and more than ever the fears that regularly show up every time that we challenge ourselves into something new.

Dean rode with me from Piazza della Borsa to the border of Fernetti, where we met with Renato who came with me untill Lubiana.

In Lubiana, a tour of the city and a visit to the Castle with Aleš and Janez; lunch and then back on the road for Maribor. A stop in Lopata, where I met up with Boris, Aleksander, Zvone and his wife who, under a strong rain, helped me to reach the Hotel Orel in downtown (pedestrian area) of Maribor.

Slovenia turned out to be a very beautiful land with many different landscapes and views.

Also in Maribor I have been helped to solve sone technical problems concerning my cellphone, my GPS navigator, earphone by Primoz, Goradz e da Tomo….luckily, because my TomTom turns out to be fundamental in my trip. Before leaving the city, I have been guided to see the oldest (grape)vine in the world, called Staratrta, which is older than 500 years. Together with Primoz, Izidor, Bojan, Goradz I lately reached the Hungarian border.

• 02-06.05.2011

The Promenade City Hotel In Budapest is situated in the pedestrian area as well, precisely in Vaci utca, where my passage has not caused any trouble, instead a great curiosity, with a dozen people taking pictures with their smartphone to take a few photos. Accidentaly a journalist of a local 2 wheels magazine was walking by: picture and a short interview with him.

Once my luggage was unloaded and I was finally in my bedroom I said to myself “I will sit down for a while on my bed”….that while went from 17:45 till 09:15 of the next day: those 350km and more made me pretty tired!

On May 3rd I went out to explore Budapest, a little walk in the pedestrian area, a fresh lemonade listening to an awesome trumpet player who was gently playing in the middle of the square where I stopped.

After that I found a trycicle-taxi, some kind of “risciò-bicycle”: I took a ride of more than one hour and a half with which I was able to see the Basilica, the Opera House, the Horror Museum, the Art Museum, the huge Hosok tere square with its statues ot the past Hungarian Kings.

In the afternoon I wanted to take a ride with the scooter-trike, but i realized that both my GPS navigator and my hearphone had no battery, so I went back to the Hotel where I found Ari waiting for me!

I went to Tanat Park with Ari and her friend Timi and then, with the funicular, to the Buda Castle (from 1987, UNESCO’s Heritage for Humanity): a beauty with a 360° watch on Budapest. After this, dinner and then a deserved rest.

The next day I went to the Synagogue of Dohany street which is considered to be the biggest in Europe, in the traditional jewish neighbourhood of Budapest, with many other jewish monuments and orthodox synagogues. Once inside it, a strong emotion hit my Heart like a river in flood and I spent a long time there meditating and praying, connected with something deeply Sacred.

Outside I met up with Ari again, she accompanied me in the neighbourhood and we had a delicious coffee in the bar of a friend of her, Tibor.

I spent the last day taking a tour outside of the city, in the “Park of Study and Reflection” of Mikebuda with Ari and Juci. This park is situated on a very wide green area, there are many improvements to do….but the part that is ready is very beautiful and you can breathe some real “magic” in the air.

• 06-10.05.2011

The very next day, after I had loaded my luggage and left my sticks and business cards to whoever passed by and took a picture or asked a question…I took the last pictures to Hosok ter Square: the toughest thing to do, under a very hot sun, to stand still! In fact, while I was asking to the people in the square to take a picture to me, I have been surrounded by many groups of tourists from Italy, Japan and other countries who where taking pictures to the beauties of the place and decided to take a picture with me as well ( I hope that some of you will be able to send me a copy of those pics, thanks to all the business cards I distribuited – Adam did and the pictures have been already published on facebook).

Exhausted from the hard work of model I rode toward the highway for Vienna.

I wanted to stop by in Bratislava, but I was definitely too tired for that: much pain and tiredness obliged me to stop many times during the trip. And so, around 6pm I arrived to the Hotel Eugen Prinz “Austria Hotels International” with an unpleasant surprise: the garage I saw on the internet was 15 minutes of walk away from there. I parked outside of the hotel and I unloaded my luggage, I took a restoring bath and then a classic Austrian-style dinner with a Sacher Torte for dessert. What a pleasure!

On the 7th I adventured myself to the discover of Vienna, choosing between the POI(Points Of Interest) of my GPS navigator, I walked for hours and hours. Beyond the beauty of the city, something I was really impressed of was the fact that every time I was slowing down because of work in progress nobody would honk.

In the square of the Carmelite Church I found a restaurant with meals like “Iota triestina” and “prosciutto crudo” of Sauris.

While I was at Maria-Theresien-Platz I saw a cheerful and non-violent demonstration for the legalization of marijuana and “light” drugs.

The morning of the 10th, just before my departure, I recieved an invite from the Italian Consulate of Vienna for a pleasant meeting with doc. Ravasi, our Consul. Besides, very kindly, an assistent was commissioned to send an email to the Consulate of Munich and Zurich as a reminder of my visit to the cities and to invite the personnel to help me out the best they could.

With the scooter-trike, whose reverse gear didn’t work, I started my trip toward Prague.

to be continued…

The stages:

  • May 1: Trieste - Lubiana – Maribor (224 Km): 1 overnight
  • May 2: Maribor - Budapest (340 km): 4 overnights
  • May 6: Budapest – Bratislava – Vienna (243 km): 4 overnights
  • May 10: Vienna – Brno – Prague (335 km): 4 overnights
  • May 14: Prague – Munich (388 km): 4 overnights
  • May 18: Munich - Zurich (317 km): 4 overnights
  • May 22: Zurich - Milan (280 km): 4 overnights
  • May 26: Milan - Trieste (417 km): End of trip

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