2010: Greece – Turkey – Italy

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The map of the route

Visualizza 2010 Grecia-Turchia-Italia in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori.


Press conference

On September 19 Pietro Rosenwirth’s first trip has ended. Tris trip, started on August 13th, was created to promote the fight againts the violence hidden behind discrimination and the overtaking of the physical obstacles and, in particular, the mental ones.

Pietro Rosenwirth lives in Trieste, is 41 years old, humanist, is a disabled civilian for a grave physical-motor handicap.

Since 1987, as a volunteer, he has promoted and participated to iniciatives to spread the values of non-violence and of non-discrimination recognizing himself in the new sensibility and the new ideas of the siloist Humanist Movement.

The conference began with the acknowledgements to Mario Luis Rodriguez Cobos known as Silo, who just passed away, argentinian writer and philosopher, ideologist of the New Humanism, founder of the Humanist Movement, but “Most of all, a Master and a Guide who saved my life with his precepts” declared Rosenwirth, “I also wish to thank doc. Serra Licia and her team at the Therapy of Pain in Via della Pietà who was able to make me come out from the tunnel of Pain that dominates and impedes everything; doc. Vecchia Roberta of the Association against Pain G.Mocavero, who helped me along this difficult walk, just like my family and many close friends of mine have done”.

They are all people who not only agreed to my project but also sustained me, understanding the deep meaning that this Trip meant and means now for me, even though they were concerned about the range of such a project.

This trip has taken him through Greece, part of Turkey and Italy reaching places like Corfù, Kalambaka, Edessa, Thassos, Istanbul, Ankara, Salonicco, Atene, Monemvasia, Sparta, Olympia, Patrasso, Ancona, Attigliano (TR): 5.937 Km, all on board of a Suzuki Burgman 150 scooter, alone, with no gps or maps aid.

Where was this “adventure” idea born?

This Trip was born to bring another example of how an handicapped in the best condition as possible, with the supply of the necessary aids and the right social-sanitary assistence,” says Rosenwirth, “can not only elevate his own life quality but also dimonstrate how it is possible to overtake violence, discrimination, pain and suffering if we were able to bet a little bit more on the “Yes!” instead of the “No!” ”.

In particular his suggestions/requests are the following:

- The increasement and the free access to the possibility ot obtain orthodox and alternative pharmacologichal cures

- The supply of all the necessary aids to allow an better and free expression in the world

Once back Rosenwirt declared: “This trip, this wonderful experience was only the first that I mean to do, if my health helps me. As a matter of fact I intend to keep walking along my way to take as far as possible this message, a message that first of all means hope and certainly an invite to not give up in front of any difficulties.

Never be ashamed to ask for help to see your own rights been respected, involvethe others to look for the best solutions to reach the highest quality of life conditions. The Laws are there, it’s up to everyone of us handicapped to fight and make sure that they are being respected!”.

This trip has been sponsored by Givi – Italia (www.givi.it), Hellenic Lines (www.hellenic.it) and suported by the Association against Pain Giuseppe Mocavero of Trieste (www.associazionemocavero.it).

Mr. Lobianco, Association against Pain in memory of Giuseppe Mocavero, has declared: “The almost 6.000 km that Pietro traveled have been a traveling inside a trip that took him to Italy, Greece, Turkey on his trusted scooter; there 6.000 km have been a very positive experience of Life to whom he met and they helped him to know himself and the other nuch better…The others, who met Pietro in his suggestive itinerary…and that with spontaneus simplicity have helped him when they had an occasion. An experience that tought to live Life and to run through it fearless that anything aould impede you to live it.”.

The official website is www.rosenwirth.it (it is also possible to make a donation); constant uploads have been published on www.facebook.com/pietro.rosenwirth.

There has also been a mediatic press conference in Corfù, in Edessa an interview released to the local periodic “Edessaiki”, an inetrview in greek and italian on the TgR Radio of Athens and many other publications on-line on the web sites and blog:

in Italy



in Greece



in Turkey


This trip was possible thanks to the collaboration of:

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