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Июнь 1, 2014  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Mои сообщения

Adopt a Kilometer of Dreams!


2018 - Next spring-summer, health permitting, Pietro will return to travel to bring as far as possible our non-discrimination message.

As always, the journey will be possible above all thanks to the disinterested support of those who, like us, want to believe in this dream, and this is a call for concrete help for the dream to come true:

donations and the greatest possible sharing of this appeal.

More people will know, the more people will want to help!

«Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers» is our commitment to a free future free from discrimination and all physical and mental barriers.

Thanks to all those who will help us.

Peace, strength and joy!

Pietro and all the friends of the Humanist Association «Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers» onlus

Nb: With your donation you are eligible for tax benefits. Ask your accountant or CAF to deduct or deduct the amount you donated. Remember to keep your original credit card statement receipt.

If you prefer to donate by bank transfer or Paypal go to the link below under «Donations«.

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