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“For health reasons, I decided to close the non-profit organization and suspend all activities.

From April 14, 2020, therefore, only the Humanist Association “Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers” exists.”.

Pietro Rosenwirth

Ps: any reference to the non-profit organization -onlus- still present on the site is to be considered antecedent to April 14, 2020.

Humanist Association “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers”

As you can read in my biography in the home page, since 1987 I have been interested in social activities, when my health allowed me to do it.

Since 2008, after a profound crisis, that was physical at first and mental – emotional then, I have felt the need to identify and address my energies to something specific with precise features.

It had to be an initiative capable of awakening in me a passion and getting me close again to what I have always called my “Personal Legend”: in fact I really think all of us is here, in this Space and in this Time, to do something more than surviving, to build something that goes beyond ourselves and reach other people, involving them.

After talking and exchanging ideas with many people, I came to the conclusion that the best solution is uniting my passions: a) doing something for other people; b) travelling (better with a motorbike); c) confronting myself with other realities.

This is how the Project “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers” was born.

First I solved the suitable vehicle problem and between 2009 and the beginning of 2010, after many attempts, I was able to demolish bureaucratic and mental barriers getting the necessary authorizations in order to realize in Italy the first multi adapted vehicle.

Besides, the Association “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers” was founded along with other people; it is a non-profit association, founded with the precise idea of having an instrument that can facilitate the relations with the Institutions (Public Administrations, Authorities, Foundations) and other Associations.

In August 2011, to make this association stronger, the necessary documentation to copyright the Humanist Association “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers” – ONLUS was updated and modified ad hoc.

In this way it was possible to extend my action and the action of those people who, during time, joined this Project as volunteers. This action consists of making an example of how, with the necessary equipment and social –health assistance and in the best possible conditions, not only can an handicapped make the quality of his life better, but he can also show how to overcome violence, discrimination, pain and suffering, if only people bet on “yes” more.

This is how, between 2010 and 2015, the idea of Journeys meeting P.A., Associations of the varied world of the handicapped and the Media developed. It is about 6 sample – journeys, the first five ones are journeys through European countries and the 6th one will be a journey through all the continents during the journey “Spiritually able: an year discovering the Sacred Places of the Planet”.

In all of this, the Associations is showing to be the instrument that was hoped for: it was able to get the Sponsorship of the Province of Trieste for the 2001 journey and the Sponsorship of the Municipality of Trieste for the 2012 one. It has simplified the collection of donations, used to cover the expenses for the journeys, the other initiatives we organized or took part in, and the expenses to improve and progressively adapt the scooter – trike according to the journey and the itinerary; it also gives the chance to formally ask for Public Authorities, Foundations donations

There are so many ways in which an interested and helpful person can help realize this Project, this Dream of creating a world where Equal Opportunities are something real, not just empty words, as often they are proved to be.

Nobody asks for privileges, but for the implementation of Laws that already exist and that would allow many handicapped people to reveal themselves, to live, if those Laws were implemented.