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August 8, 2017  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  My posts

1994 - 2017, Pietro

1994 – 2017 collage foto Pietro

Pietro Rosenwirth.

Born in Udine in 1969, currently living in Trieste. Among the many things characterizing me, I have a “body-handicapped”.

Since 1987 I have been promoting and participating in initiatives to spread the values of non-violence and non-discrimination. I recognize myself in the sensitivity and ideas of New Universalist Humanism and “The message” by Silo.

Over the years, I have been involved in various awareness campaigns such as “Trieste: multiethnic city – multiform city” for the human rights of immigrants and people with disabilities and “Disabled: right to movement” campaign for the abolition of architectural barriers, organizing a “Humanist Coordination for the Rights of the Disabled”.

Between 2002 and 2006, I was one of the promoters of the “Café la Paz”: periodic meetings aimed at the opening of the thematic dialogue from Non-violence to Euthanasia, from Creativity to the Image of ourself, from PACS: civil solidarity pact to The great desires, from the Referendum on assisted procreation of 12/13 June ’05 to the Diversity. From 2003 to 2012, I was one of the promoters of the “Festival of Diversity” promoted by the “Center of the Cultures” of Trieste.

Since 2007, the spiritual research has become an increasingly important need and priority, along with the search for new forms of action to overcome the ever-increasing limits imposed by my various pathologies and their sudden worsening.

Since 2010, I have decided to merge my struggles for the Human Rights and one of my passions, that of traveling.

So I organized and realized my first alone-trips:

  • 2010, August-September: “Greece – Turkey – Italy”, with a 150cc standard scooter, almost 6,000 km [trip];
  • 2011, May: “5 Capitals”, with the first scooter-trike approved in Italy: more than 4,000 km in the former Mittel-  Europa [trip].
  • 2012, June-July: “Western and Central Europe”, over 10,000 miles aboard the scooter-trike across Western and Eastern Europe [trip].
  • 2014, after a year of forced stop, I reached the most point west of Europe, Cabo da Roca: over 14,000 Km between Italy – France – Spain – Portugal [trip].

In August 2011, the Humanist Association “Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers” onlus was founded (closed on 14.04.2020).

“Disabled? No. Differently abled? No. Handicapped? Yes. If we lived in a truly civil society, in a society that considers the needs of the Human Being his main concern and therefore the solution of the daily needs of people as a priority, perhaps the first two definitions would lose the back-taste of hypocrisy that characterizes them. But as long as people will be considered a cost by the Public Administration and not a resource; as long as the social field will be considered an unavoidable expenditure to budget rather than an opportunity and an investment in people and for people; as long as removing architectural barriers (mental and logistic) will be considered as a disturbance rather then a normal duty for a Society that offers equal opportunities of movement and expression to all his members, regardless of their (psycho)physical condition, “handicapped” stays the term most appropriate to define my social status”. I dedicated many energies dedicated during all these years to overcome all denials, all “It’s not possible” answers, the bureaucracy, the indifference of many, in order to get a vehicle with the necessary changes to allow me to begin to travel to bring as far as possible and as deep as possible in the consciences of the people, normo-considered as well as disabled, a message against discrimination and especially the message which summarizes each step forward, made by Man in his history: “You can!“.

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