Press release: meetings in Porto and in Lisbon.

July 16, 2014  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Press review

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Press release: “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers”: meetings in Porto and in Lisbon.

16th July 2014

Even during this 4th edition of “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers”, Pietro Rosenwirth, the motor handicapped from Trieste, is trying to take every opportunity to exchange, to compare and to share information with different local realities which take care of the protection and rights of the handicapped.

In the previous days he has had the chance to know and talk to many people both in Porto and in Lisbon, important cities for their history and geographic shape, which attract different kinds of tourists: in the last 5 years Porto has been “discovered” on an international level, while Lisbon has always been well – known and the favourite destination of international tourists.

In Porto Mr Rosenwirth met Lia Ferreira, the Municipal Commissioner of the handicapped citizens, Alice Ribeiro, responsible of the University “SAED” project, Support for the handicapped students, and Professor Paulo Pinto de Magalhães, promoter of an inclusion project between the handicapped and the non-handicapped people called “A_ju_Dança”.

In Lisbon he met Pedro Homem de Gouveia, coordinator of the team of the Plan of Pedestrian Accessibility of the Municipal Chamber in Lisbon.

“Thanks to the meetings” commented Pietro Rosenwirth “I have a wider framework compared to my previous limited experiences in visiting the cities”.

“There are many difficulties, but also people who are doing their best to make Porto and Lisbon, two beautiful cities, more accessible for everybody, even though with different methodologies and approaches. I really hope they can achieve their aim!”

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