Press release: toward Cabo da Roca!

June 13, 2014  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Press review

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Press release: Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers: toward Cabo da Roca!

12th June 2014

Dear Editorial staff!

The departure of the 4th edition of Pietro Rosenwirth’s journey “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers” is near. It is an initiative taken by the handicapped from Trieste who will arrive at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost extent of Europe, on his famous scooter – trike.

The fearless biker leaves Trieste on 30th June at 10.30 am, after a brief encounter with the press.

The departure point is at Piazza Unità, symbolic place in the city.

Mr Rosenwirth, 45 years old, founder of the Humanist Association “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers” – Onlus is afflicted with a serious motor disability. He has been fighting for years to encourage a non discriminatory behaviour between the people considered “normal” and the handicapped. In order to do that, he organizes single – handed trips using the first adjusted scooter – trike that has been homologated in Italy to prove that with the proper assistance even an handicapped can do “extraordinary” things, non just survive, feeling a burden for the society rather than a resource.

The journey is the way thanks to which Rosenwirth spreads his message of encouragement, non – discrimination and non – violence, trying to encounter the press, local administrations and associations for a brainstorm about social themes, equal opportunities and the UN Convention on disability.

He is going to make an about 10.000km journey through Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, coming back to Trieste at the end of July.

All of this is made possible by the support of Give, Tucano Urbano, Pentagram Advertising & Communication, Business First, Audiodavil, the beauty shop Ashram and of all those people who have made a donation to Onlus, that for this journey can count on the sponsorship of Telethon.

“Despite my health conditions”, explained Mr Rosenwirth “I have decided to leave: I wish my action could make the people I will meet and who will follow me reflect and wonder. To their questions I will give unordinary answers”

It will be possible to follow the journey on the website, thanks to the updates of Pentragramm, the site manager, and on Facebook.

“If, actually, until I can make it,” concluded Pietro “I’ll travel to challenge what is fixed, to go beyond the barriers. Or at least I’ll try to do it”.

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