Why postponing until next year the 4th edition

May 21, 2013  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  My posts, Press review

Open letter

Why postponing until next year the 4th edition of

Dear friend,

I am writing this letter to explain why I decided to postpone the journey I had planned for 2013 until next year.

My health condition forces me to plan everything, taking into account my various needs, even when leaving for short-term trips.

Planning a journey lasting months requires an enormously complicated organising effort, involving all the people accompanying me on this adventure, whom I will never be able to thank enough!

For this 80-day journey we have worked for almost a year contacting:

- more than 250 companies, from two of which we received a financial donation and a few useful accessories and services (90% of them did not even reply);
- Tourism associations in various countries, from which we managed to gather very little information sofar regarding assistance, logistics and Accessible Tourism;
- local Public Administrations, to which we sent 8 applications for contributions, receiving a single – negative – reply.

Moreover, we have launched a self-financing campaign called “Adopt One Kilometer for a Dream” on the website handytrike.eu, on the Facebook page and on the crowdsourcing website IoDono.

From all these initiatives less than 1/4th of the planned budget has been collected, which is necessary to cover expenses going from getting the scooter-trike ready to organising overnight stays, from providing fuel and food provisions, to personal assistance for unforeseen events.

The situation has been comprehensively analysed by collaborators and myself, leading us to realise that deciding to set out on the journey nevertheless would mean behaving recklessly. Moreover, being forced to shorten the itinerary would inevitably compromise the relations of cooperation developed in the last few months.

Therefore we have made our choice to postpone this edition of “Travel for a Dream:

over the barriers – Northern Europe” until next year, and we are going to try our best, with the help of anyone willing to assist us, to solve all the problems which have prevented us from setting off on our journey this year.

The adaptation work on my scooter-trike will start soon, as well as the formal adjustments to the documents needed to offer cooperation programmes to companies and foundations. “Logistic” shortcomings will be addressed by working together with Tourism associations, and further initiatives to cover the necessary budget needs will be promoted.

Any kind of help is welcome and needed to make the leap that my, our Aspirations are asking of us.

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