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4 August 2014 (Italiano) Comunicato stampa: verso Cabo da Roca! (in pillole)

(Italiano) Poco più di 8.000 Km in 27 giorni, incontri istituzionali e pubblici oltreché con...

27 July 2014 Press release: the end of the trip!

Last night, the 4th edition of “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers” finished: Pietro...

21 July 2014 Interview on RAI Radio2 – Miracolo Italiano

(Italiano) Intervista a Pietro Rosenwirth su RAI Radio2 durante la trasmissione Miracolo Italiano....

Adopt 1 Km for a Dream

June 1, 2014  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  My posts

“Adopt One Kilometer for a Dream”:

Once again the yearly founding campaign has started. The purpose: to finance a Dream!

From June to August 2014 Pietro Rosenwirth, an Italian disabled person, will ride alone on his motorbyke throughout the Scandinavian peninsula across Eastern Europe, to carry along his well known message against discrimination. “Travelling for a Dream: beyond the barriers” has reached its fourth edition.

Just like in his previous travelling campaigns, this year’s journey is possible thanks to the generous support of those who have decided to believe in his dream. This is a request for concrete help in order to fulfill the dream: the wider the awareness the more the support. Read More

Who I am

November 25, 2012  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  My posts

Pietro Rosenwirth I was born in Udine on April 12, 1969; I currently live in Trieste; I am single; I am a civil invalid and retired due to inability to work. Since 1987, as a volunteer, I promote and take part in initiatives to diffuse the values of non-violence and non-discrimination according to the new sensitivity and the ideas of the New Universalist Humanism by Silo. I have been promoting many campaigns to increase awareness as:

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