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13 January 2020 “Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers”: interruption of the dream

Unfortunately, health has stopped me. From 1 December 2019, all the association’s activities are permanently...

4 August 2014 (Italiano) Comunicato stampa: verso Cabo da Roca! (in pillole)

(Italiano) Poco più di 8.000 Km in 27 giorni, incontri istituzionali e pubblici oltreché con...

27 July 2014 Press release: the end of the trip!

Last night, the 4th edition of “Travelling for a dream: beyond the barriers” finished: Pietro...

“Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers”: interruption of the dream

January 13, 2020  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Activities, My posts, Press review

Unfortunately, health has stopped me.
From 1 December 2019, all the association’s activities are permanently stopped.
This same site will remain online only until the domain expires.
Thanks to everyone who came close to me and helped me turn some dreams into reality!

Who I am

August 8, 2017  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  My posts

1994 - 2017, Pietro

1994 – 2017 collage foto Pietro

Pietro Rosenwirth.

Born in Udine in 1969, currently living in Trieste. Among the many things characterizing me, I have a “body-handicapped”.

Since 1987 I have been promoting and participating in initiatives to spread the values of non-violence and non-discrimination. I recognize myself in the sensitivity and ideas of New Universalist Humanism and “The message” by Silo.

Over the years, I have been involved in various awareness campaigns such as “Trieste: multiethnic city – multiform city” for the human rights of immigrants and people with disabilities and “Disabled: right to movement” campaign for the abolition of architectural barriers, organizing a “Humanist Coordination for the Rights of the Disabled”.

Between 2002 and 2006, I was one of the promoters of the “Café la Paz”: periodic meetings aimed at the opening of the thematic dialogue from Non-violence to Euthanasia, from Creativity to the Image of ourself, from PACS: civil solidarity pact to The great desires, from the Referendum on assisted procreation of 12/13 June ’05 to the Diversity. From 2003 to 2012, I was one of the promoters of the “Festival of Diversity” promoted by the “Center of the Cultures” of Trieste.

Since 2007, the spiritual research has become an increasingly important need and priority, along with the search for new forms of action to overcome the ever-increasing limits imposed by my various pathologies and their sudden worsening.

Since 2010, I have decided to merge my struggles for the Human Rights and one of my passions, that of traveling.

So I organized and realized my first alone-trips:

  • 2010, August-September: “Greece – Turkey – Italy”, with a 150cc standard scooter, almost 6,000 km [trip];
  • 2011, May: “5 Capitals”, with the first scooter-trike approved in Italy: more than 4,000 km in the former Mittel-  Europa [trip].
  • 2012, June-July: “Western and Central Europe”, over 10,000 miles aboard the scooter-trike across Western and Eastern Europe [trip].
  • 2014, after a year of forced stop, I reached the most point west of Europe, Cabo da Roca: over 14,000 Km between Italy – France – Spain – Portugal [trip].

In August 2011, the Humanist Association “Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers” onlus was founded.

“Disabled? No. Differently abled? No. Handicapped? Yes. If we lived in a truly civil society, in a society that considers the needs of the Human Being his main concern and therefore the solution of the daily needs of people as a priority, perhaps the first two definitions would lose the back-taste of hypocrisy that characterizes them. But as long as people will be considered a cost by the Public Administration and not a resource; as long as the social field will be considered an unavoidable expenditure to budget rather than an opportunity and an investment in people and for people; as long as removing architectural barriers (mental and logistic) will be considered as a disturbance rather then a normal duty for a Society that offers equal opportunities of movement and expression to all his members, regardless of their (psycho)physical condition, “handicapped” stays the term most appropriate to define my social status”. I dedicated many energies dedicated during all these years to overcome all denials, all “It’s not possible” answers, the bureaucracy, the indifference of many, in order to get a vehicle with the necessary changes to allow me to begin to travel to bring as far as possible and as deep as possible in the consciences of the people, normo-considered as well as disabled, a message against discrimination and especially the message which summarizes each step forward, made by Man in his history: “You can!“. Read More

2017 “Earth navigators” Festival – The Return (June 12-18)

June 17, 2017  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Activities

logo dell'edizione 2017 del Festival dei Navigatori di Terra

from 12 to 18 June 2017

2017 “Earth navigators” Festival – The Return

This edition was also rich in emotions, an engaging and growing sharing of dreams made and pursued …

The most beautiful thing is to review many friends and discover new ones, with the ability to talk to people from whom it is always possible to learn some trick, some new itineraries, some solutions to the difficulties a Navigator always encounters in spinning around the World.

Follow on Facebook the Event, in view of the next edition set at (7) 8-9-10 June 2018!

Following, the presentation of the organizer Italo Barazzutti:

“Unique in content and even more in spirit, the Festival IS NOT A MOTORADUNO: the Earth’s sailor moves with any vehicle.

Far from the commonplaces, along with Italo and his friends, the intent is to share a sight of the world. Something beautiful, motivating and engaging like: travel, adventure, friendship; LIFE!

From this edition the program will be expanded and extended throughout the week. For those who want to enjoy a global experience in a fantastic Friuli Venezia Giulia, there will be available maps with predefined laps. Already from Monday, the friends of the “Ali e Patate” motorbike group will produce as day tour guides. Alpine valleys made epic from the “Giro d’Italia”; landscapes and history also in the adjacent, Austria and Slovenia.

The super-tested Trattoria “Da Gardo”, in Majano (UD), offers a great green area for your tents. Services, showers; electric current to the campers. For those who prefer a room I will propose in time the list of the remarkable local offer.

Your Italone, even more passionate and charged than you remember it, will stay on the spot ready to welcome you and turn on the evening with incredible stories.

The meritorious Simone Marchetti, absent vaguely justified during the last edition, this year will not appear just only in a photography. Presence already ensured from Thursday; to entertain you until dawn as it is in his style.

The coming and going of great Friulian friends, great travelers, will not fail.

On friday, the arrivals will be multiplied and it will be beautiful to meet eachother again.

After dinner we will officially open this edition of the Festival.

On Saturday morning still guided tours; Immediately after lunch, however, we will enter the point. We will start with “sustainable travel”, that is, just what might be the first of a long series; and then we’ll lose ourselves away in “dream trips” …

Another novelty, we will have a “GPS-course”, as well as a technical insight into how to prepare us, and prepare our bike for journey.

With Fabrizio Jelmini, a film-maker of sacred monsters such as “OVERLAND” and “DONNA AVVENTURA”, we could deepen and improve our approach to photography. Momentary pauses not at all: the formidable Anthony Basso guitar-voice will make them vibrant. Smiling and hospitable as you remember, Renzo will give us the best from the kitchen.

As always at the Festival there will be no protagonists! Only us, all together for friendship, everyone is ready to do their best to make the meeting extraordinary.

Sunday greetings and still I…

With intents and contents strongly motivating, another time the “Earth’s sailors Festival” in Majano, a kind of navel in the world where why not, to start to realize that journey … to give that ‘turn’ to our life that. .. yeah !!!

Motorcycles, cars, bicycles or camper; any vehicle is good to get there. What if he was on the train? We will organize a relay race at the station because this is the soul of the Festival!

From here to there a big hug like that world I love so much !!!

Italo Barazzutti

tel. 335 6607810

Area verde trattoria “da Gardo” – Majano (UD)

Via Divisione Julia 160

tel. 0432 959492


Biker Fest 18-21 May 2017 – Lignano Sabbiadoro

May 20, 2017  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  Activities

visit the Biker Fest site

visit site of the Biker Fest

Biker Fest 2017

As every Summer, in Lignano Sabbiadoro, we hold the Biker Fest: a fantastic event, an opportunity to meet old and new friends and to admire live real motorcycle jewels.

Not only 2-wheels but also trike, quad, vintage cars and true any-motor-masterpieces made by the most famous international custom masters.

At this edition we were present at the Moto-Travelers stand.

Pietro al Biker Fest

Pietro at the Biker Fest

from the official site:

Oldest international Custom Bike show in Europe

Biker Fest will host the only Italian stage of the AMD World Championship and the final stage of the 14 date Italian Motorcycle Championship, with rich prizes (accessories for motorbikes with a value in thousands of Euro’s), flights to Daytona Bike Week and a refund of 1000 euro for the winners expenses. On occasion of this anniversary there will also be awards and prizes, courtesy of the world famous Ace Cafe London, for all Cafe Racer bike class entries and a special prize for the winner; official delegates from the Verona Motor Bike Expo will present all competitors awards and will give a special prize to the best emerging customizer to include with a display space of 17mq at the next edition at Verona Motor Bike Expo.

Adopt 1 Km for a Dream

June 1, 2014  |  by Pietro Rosenwirth  |  My posts

Adopt a Kilometer of Dreams!


2018 - Next spring-summer, health permitting, Pietro will return to travel to bring as far as possible our non-discrimination message.

As always, the journey will be possible above all thanks to the disinterested support of those who, like us, want to believe in this dream, and this is a call for concrete help for the dream to come true:

donations and the greatest possible sharing of this appeal.

More people will know, the more people will want to help!

Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers” is our commitment to a free future free from discrimination and all physical and mental barriers.

Thanks to all those who will help us.

Peace, strength and joy!

Pietro and all the friends of the Humanist Association “Traveling for a Dream: beyond the barriers” onlus

Nb: With your donation you are eligible for tax benefits. Ask your accountant or CAF to deduct or deduct the amount you donated. Remember to keep your original credit card statement receipt.

If you prefer to donate by bank transfer or Paypal go to the link below under “Donations“. Read More